Theatre in Education

This charming show is based on the traditional Indian Panchatantra and story of the Elephant and the mouse. The story is told by our narrator and mouse Zhim and encourages children to get involved through song, music and elephant mask making and movement.

It is ideal for indoor festivals and libraries as well as in schools.


Through enchanting puppetry and storytelling we see how the two creatures learn to live side by side in harmony and how a tiny mouse helped the elephants to survive. The performance includes new music, sound effects and audience participation. This gentle show is perfect for ages 3+ and has a message of friendship, peace and harmony.


This culturally diverse show is really special andour elephant Adambara is very popular with all the children who meet him!


Zhim our mouse loves telling their story and meeting the public!


After the performance we will create an Indian Mandala to take home. A Mandala is a form of art stemming from the Buddhist and Hindu traditions. Participants will create their own using stencils, chalk and gems.


SCALE: 2 performers + 1 technician  

AREA REQUIRED: 6 metres depth x 5 metres width x 2.5 metres height

DURATION: 1 hour 

POWER: Access to power and changing near to the performance space  

SOUND: 2 speakers, 1 mp3 player

GET IN TIME: 1.5 hours

GET OUT TIME: 1 hour

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